Essential for every busy kitchen

XLR Rail is a Ticket Management System that works with you! The first order rail with ticket holders that move with you.

Designed by Chef – Scott Horton (owner of two Mexican restaurants in Melbourne)

Design for Chef by Chef

I truly believe in the product and want people to experience the difference. I know it will save people time and reduce frustrations – it will give you more time to cook rather than organising the orders.

Scott Horton

Installation Easy

XLR Rail is designed to install simply and should only take minutes to replace your kitchen's current order rail or docket holder system.

The 4 major factors

Save time when you’re at your busiest.

Prioritize and flag orders with colour dial.

Removable holders that are dishwasher safe.

Replace current order rail/docket holder in minutes.

Should I change current docket holder

Simple answer to this is that you will never have to re-handle your tickets ever again. No more paper shuffle during your busiest shifts. Spending time to cook and lesser time to shuffle paper. Also, the use of our color dial to highlight specific order requirements, means less kitchen errors.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Commercial dish washing machines & detergents that wash below the temperature of up to 85C are suitable to clean the Ticket Holders.

To make the rail extra slippery, simply use a Silicone Spray (such as WD40 Silicone or CRC Silicone spray) and spray onto the rail and then lightly wiped it into the rail.

Speed up your kitchen and service

XLR Rail Ticket System

Chef Loves It

Designed by a Chef who knows the issues of running a commercial kitchen