Best known for their extreme volume automatic citrus juicers, Zumex products feature amazing tech packed in a user-friendly package custom-built to the needs of completely different users. From standard-sized commercial juicers, modular industrial juicers, vending-juicer combo machines, cutting-edge cold-press juicers and more, Zumex products feature a range of signature technologies, including their proprietary Antibacterial Silver Polymer (ASP) surface coat that drastically improves hygiene.

Conical system

Thanks to its tapered shape, the fruit enters the system smoothly and it is perfectly positioned in the centre. A precise cut that extracts the maximum juice.

zumex asp

Antibacterial Silver Polymer (ASP) is a silver-ion based technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring extra effective and long-lasting protection.


Zumex stays at the forefront of juicing by dedicating extensive efforts to its R&D&I department, where a team of engineers strive to find new juice extractor and commercial juicer solutions, every single day. 

Zumex products are covered by a 5-year warranty for absolute peace of mind.
Equipment that guarantees maximum reliability and direct contact with the manufacturer by registering your product online at the most convenient way.
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The Multifruit juicer is the most advanced on the market and is perfect for extracting the greatest amount of juice from any fruit or vegetable.
An elegant, avant-garde automatic juicer featuring Zumex’s patented Conical System®.
The ideal juicer for cafés or bars where simplicity matters.
The perfect industrial juicer for providing high volumes of fresh juice on demand.
The professional juicer for retail stores, retail concepts and hotels.
An advanced cold press juicer loved by all for its superior efficiency.