Best Wishes Everyone in 2021

Indeed, 2020 not an easy year for everyone. Global impact, our local business resilience must begin with cultural shift. On behalf of Mii FoodService, we wish YOU a continuity of health, safe and better 2021 ahead of you.

Throughout history, crises of different forms have challenged businesses. How we interpret, react and bounce back from the crises of today are what will define how we survive the crises of tomorrow. Stay tune in 2021 for more innovative and business opportunity announcement in the coming months.


确实,2020年对于每个人来说都不是容易的一年。 在全球影响下,我们本地业务的应变能力必须始于文化转变。 代表Mii FoodService,祝您健康,安全,美好的2021年连续不断。

纵观历史,各种形式的危机一直在挑战着企业。 我们如何解释,作出反应并从今天的危机中反弹,这将决定我们如何度过明天的危机。 敬请期待2021年的发布,以便在未来几个月内发布更多创新和商机。


Mii’s response to COVID-19

We are still working and serving our customers (Business as usual, except showrooms/offices)!


The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented global challenge. Our thoughts are with the people affected and the medical professionals working around the clock to help those in need. We are working to do our part by ensuring the safety of our employees and also to continue serving our customers as much as we can.


Our priority is to ensure our employees and customers continue to stay safe and healthy. All our delivery or any other services will execute with adequate social distancing and hygiene measurement. Therefore all processes might take longer time as compare with normal days, we appreciate everyone be patience and understanding.


NOTE: All our showrooms/offices are closed complying with government COVID-19 measurement.


Together, as a united human race, we can find our way through this. Mii is with you.