Mouthfeel Matters

From smooth purées to chunky rough-chops and every texture in between, we know that mouthfeel matters. And getting the same mouthfeel at every service in every location, well that’s just good business. Predictable might get old everywhere else. But in the kitchen, predictable is thrilling.

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Enjuice Life

Discover our Zumex juicer today. The specialised and best equipment to offer the best juice, perfect for hotels, juice bar, cafe, restaurants, catering and any type of business.

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Quality Heated Food

Transforming tastes and textures of food through heat. Deliciousness reaches a whole new level with speed and efficiency.

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Freezing cold goodness

Freshness and coldness all day long. Be in for an icy treat.

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Oil Saving

Guaranteed OIL cost reduction. Frylow is the only product in it’s category to receive the prestigious Seal of Excellence from the Master Chefs’ Institute…

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Perfect Helper

Discover our state of art fruit peeler, the perfect helper in your busy kitchen. Let the Master do the job with the speed that you can’t compare.

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Vegan friendly

Make your own vegan friendly plant-based milk. A hassle free process which doubles up as a great parent-child bonding activity.

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Taste Pleasure

Do not be afraid of simplicity. With natural food flavours that reveal tastes and aromas. Cookery is an ART, it requires instinct and the helps of perfect machine to present.

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