When it’s time to peel fruit, few kitchen equipment makers come close to Astra Inc. Inspired by the desire to make his mother’s job of peeling persimmons easier on his farm home, the company founded by Hirotaka Ichijo would go on to create a line of dedicated fruit peeling machines that can quickly peel small fruit, large fruit, and thick-skinned fruit while increasing yields. Astra is constantly working to improve its products so as to deliver the true quality-of-life improvements that it had set out to accomplish more than 3 decades ago.

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Astra Inc. is a company based in Japan selling automated fruits peeling machine which place the user’s quality of life first.

The CEO of Astra Inc., Hirotaka Ichijo, was brought up on a persimmon farm in Fukushima. His mother had to peel persimmons and upon observing the semi-automatic peeler she bought, it only spun the fruit and the laborious manual peeling had to be done by the user.

The manual peeling motion required to operate the semi-automatic peeler eventually affected his mother’s health as a shoulder injury occurred.

Since then, the CEO of Astra Inc. had a clear mission – to develop and build a fully automated persimmon peeler that would improve the user’s quality of life.

Astra Inc. has since established an international presence in many countries such as USA, Netherlands, China, Italy, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

A heavy-duty fruit peeler with automatic ejector designed for high-volume processing.
This award-winning automatic compact peeler peels a wide range of fruit with equal speed and ease.
A dedicated fruit peeling machine for pineapples, mangoes and melons.
A downsized, economical variant of the KA-750PM for peeling smaller quantities of pineapple.