Lighter, crispier and healthier food with a "Clean Profile"

Recognised by the industry as one of the best oil-saving fryers, Frylow is a popular choice with restaurants and hospitality businesses for its cost-saving and food quality delivery. Fabricated from their award-winning photo-catalyt- ic ceramics, Frylow products stop cooking oils from oxidising to save kitchens more than 50% on new cooking oil while ensuring foods cook faster without becoming soaked. Frylow products are also rigorously tested and approved by NSF International, Japan Food Research Laboratories, and CERAM Research to be food-safe and free from toxic materials such as heavy metal


Frylow can be used in all deep fryers.


Frylow is safe to use. NSF International and HSA have independently confirmed that there are no safety issues with the Frylow.

5 years warranty

Manufactured in Japan and made to the highest quality standards Japanese manufacturing has been renowned for. Frylow is a robust long lasting unit with a 5 years warranty.


An oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device.

For Small Deep-Fryers

  • Capacity in Gallons: 4
  • Max Capacity in LBs: 35
  • Dimensions: 5.5in x 4in
  • Weight: .75 lbs or .23kg
  • Ceramic Tiles: 4

For Regular Deep-Fryers

  • Capacity in Gallons: 6.6
  • Max Capacity in LBs: 70
  • Dimensions: 11in x 4in
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs or .46kg
  • Ceramic Tiles: 8