• Less Oily Fried Food

    Healthier Choice

    Food cooked utilizing the Frylow technology food is lighter, crisper and healthier with a "Clean Profile".

  • Fewer Oil Changes

    Cost Saving

    Frylow is a premium fryer oil extending device that rests in the deep-fryer.

  • Master Chefs' Certified


    Achieved Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence to be superior in its application.

  • Revolutionize The Fried Food

    New Technology

    Recent tests have proven the Frylow can extend the frying oil life by up to

What is Frylow

The Frylow is an oil extending photo-catalytic ceramic device for use in all deep fryers. The Frylow’s patented technology conditions and extends the fry oil‘s lifespan by up to 400% providing a longer life period between oil change cycles.

<font size="5">How Frylow Works</font>

How Frylow Works

Frylow’s photo catalytic technology acts upon your cooking oil at the molecular level to slow down the oil’s oxidization process, increase the oil’s thermal conductivity and decreases oil absorption into your deep fried food.
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<font size="5">Simple and Effective</font>

Simple and Effective

The Frylow requires no electricity and is simple to install. It is highly cost effective and very low maintenance. Frylow is not a filter or a chemical additive. The powerful synergy of Frylow and its ability to save you tremendously on oil costs is unrivaled. Within a very short time of installing the Frylow you will soon be seeing results.

Simple Usage

Just by placing the Frylow in the oil tank, not only makes the deep-fried dish tasty and delicious, but also suppresses the oxidation and the oil lasts longer.

5 Year Warranty

Manufactured in Japan and made to the highest quality standards Japanese manufacturing has been renowned for. Frylow is a robust long lasting unit with a 5 year warranty.

Food Safety Accredited

The Frylow has been tested and certified as food-safe. Highly reputable laboratories including, NSF International and HSA have independently confirmed that there are no safety issues with the Frylow.
The unit contains absolutely no toxic substances such as lead and cadmium, and will not leach anything into the hot cooking oil.

Easy Cleaning

To ensure the Frylow is performing at it’s best a quick rinse under hot running tap water when your oil is changed, and a 10 minutes in boiling hot water every 4 weeks is all the maintenance this unit requires. (Allow to dry before placing back in fryer).

The Essence of Frylow

creating efficiency and eliminate waste

works with all commercial fryers

Frylow Models

<font size="7">Frylow FL-15</font>

Frylow FL-15

For Small Deep-Fryers

Capacity in Gallons - 4
Max Capacity in LBs - 35
Dimensions - 5.5in x 4in
Weight - .75 lbs or .23kg
Ceramic Tiles - 4

<font size="7">Frylow FL-25</font>

Frylow FL-25

For Regular Deep-Fryers

Capacity in Gallons - 6.6
Max Capacity in LBs - 70
Dimensions - 11in x 4in
Weight - 1.5 lbs or .46kg
Ceramic Tiles - 8