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Master Chefs' Institute


The Master Chefs’ Institute is pleased to inform you that all six food items fried in oil with the Frylow’ s Photo Catalytic device have outperformed the same products fried in regular cooking oil in all of our 180 tests/observation points, conducted and evaluated by MCI.

Our team of Master Chefs concluded that the samples fried with Frylow’ s technology were found to be superior compared to the products fried in oil without Frylow in overall quality and general performance. As demonstrated in the graphs and tables below, the Frylow cooked samples were an overwhelming and consistent winner compared to the other six food items.

Throughout the entire testing, MCI evaluated the sensory attributes of all six products as they relate to foodservice operators and their customers. In addition, MCI was impressed by the potential savings and quality improvements, which the Frylow device offers.

In conclusion, the Master Chefs’ Institute congratulates the entire team that has developed and managed this outstanding technology, which qualified for the Master Chefs Institute’s Seal of Excellence.

Ferdinand Metz
Managing Partner
November 28, 2016