Variety of 48 cut dimensions

With the Hallde RG-100, slice vegetables as thinly as 0.5mm. Slicing dimension ranges from 0.5mm to 10mm.


Trusted brand of 80 years of history

<font size="7">Ultimate versatility</font>

Ultimate versatility

With a wide range of 48 different stainless steel cutting discs to choose from, the cutting possibilities for vegetables are endless. With varying thickness, you can dice, slice, grate or even julienne or cut rippled slices of beetroot, cucumber and carrots, etc. The cut thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 20mm.

<font size="7">Reliability</font>


The powerful motor of the RG-100 has a high starting and running torque and powers the direct-driven cutting tool. There are no belts or intermediate connections. The power from the motor transmits via a gear drive, making the RG-100 a machine you can count on.

<font size="7">Cost saving</font>

Cost saving

Using a Hallde RG-100 Vegetable Preparation Machine saves money spent on labour costs. As compared to cutting with knives, the RG-100 cuts more in volume - up to 400 portions per day.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

Robust built-in safety features ensure that the RG-100 is a safe machine to work with. The RG-100 only operates if the feed cylinder is attached and locked in place. With this double security, there is no risk of the machine operating with an unprotected cutting disc. Work safely with a peace of mind.

<font size="7">Precision</font>


Achieve laser-like precision and slice as thinly as 0.5mm consistently. The RG-100 cuts 4 times much thinner as compared to other brands. Vegetables cut with near transparent thinness is a treat both for the eyes and the palate.

<font size="7">Increased Productivity</font>

Increased Productivity

Save precious time on detailed Mise en place preparation. Long gone are the days of spending hours manually cutting vegetables with a knife. With the RG-100, you can cut much more quicker - up to 5kg/minute worth of vegetables.

Cut with only the best Stainless steel tools



  • Dimensions: 245 x 425 x 600 mm
  • Speed: 350rpm
  • Weight: 16.4kg


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