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<font size="7">Compact & high capacity</font>

Compact & high capacity

Teh RG-250 diwash has a 4 litre, full moon feed cylinder. The tilted design together with a support wall allows easy addition of produce (e.g. tomatoes, onions, bell peppers etc.) and permits diverse but consistent slicing or cutting angles.

<font size="7">Simple cleaning</font>

Simple cleaning

All RG-250 diwash parts received a patented coating which renders them very smooth and easy to clean. All removable parts of RG-250 diwash are dishwasher safe and are made from food-hygiene certified materials.

<font size="7">Cost saving</font>

Cost saving

Using a Hallde RG-250 diwash Vegetable Preparation Machine saves money spent on labour costs. As compared to cutting with knives, the RG-250 diwash cuts more in volume - up to 1000 portions per day.

<font size="7">Ultimate versatility</font>

Ultimate versatility

RG-250 diwash can cut food, both hard and soft, in more than 50 different ways – slicing, dicing, grating, shredding and julienning. It can even make Potato chips.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

Safety is ensured by an automatic, pusher plate operated safety-switch: when the pusher plate is turned sideways from the feed cylinder, the motor is switched off. Positioning the pusher plate across the aperture automatically starts the machine.

<font size="7">Container Trolley</font>

Container Trolley

Facilitates the handling of cut products, transporting them easily to subsequent stages of the preparation process. Can be adjusted to different heights and even folded up completely.

Dishwasher safe