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<font size="7">Ergonomic</font>


For a better working posture, the pusher plate has a looped designed handle, HALLDE ErgoLoop, which means you can work with both your left and right hands.

<font size="7">Best Hygiene</font>

Best Hygiene

The RG-250 is manufactured solely from hygiene certified material. The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and has no unnecessary recesses where food might penetrate and get stuck.

<font size="7">Ultimate versatility</font>

Ultimate versatility

The RG-250 slices, dices, shreds, grates, cuts juliennes and crimping slices – everything from firm to soft products. The knife blades and grating plates are replaceable

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

If the feed cylinder is removed the power is cut. Thanks to this double security there is no risk of the machine starting with an unprotected cutting tool.

<font size="7">Cost saving</font>

Cost saving

Using a Hallde RG-250 Vegetable Preparation Machine saves money spent on labour costs. As compared to cutting with knives, the RG-250 cuts more in volume - up to 1000 portions per day.

<font size="7">Reliability</font>


The powerful motor has a high starting and running torque and powers the direct-driven cutting tool. No belts or intermediate connections. The power from the motor goes via a maintenance free gear drive. This makes the RG-250 a reliable machine.

Ergonomics in all stages



  • Dimensions: 285 x 300 x 580 mm
  • Speed: 350rpm
  • Weight: 22kg


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