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<font size="7">Ultimate versatility</font>

Ultimate versatility

The RG-350 slices, dices, shreds, grates, cuts juliennes, crimping slices and potato chips – everything from firm to soft products. The large 215 mm cutting tools enable faster processing.

<font size="7">Container Trolley</font>

Container Trolley

Facilitates the handling of cut products, transporting them easily to subsequent stages of the preparation process. Can be adjusted to different heights and even folded up completely.

<font size="7">Reliability</font>


The powerful motor has a high starting and running torque and powers the direct-driven cutting tool. No belts or intermediate connections. The power from the motor goes via a maintenance free gear drive, making the RG-350 a reliable machine.

<font size="7">Cost saving</font>

Cost saving

Using a Hallde RG-350 Vegetable Preparation Machine saves money spent on labour costs. As compared to cutting with knives, the RG-350 cuts more in volume - up to 1500 portions per day.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

If the feed cylinder is removed when the pusher plate is swung aside, the power is cut. Thanks to this double security there is no risk of the machine starting with an unprotected cutting tool.

<font size="7">Easy cleaning</font>

Easy cleaning

For quick cleaning, all loose parts are simple to remove for easy rinsing of the machine. The pusher plate and feed cylinder are removable and can be cleaned under running water.

Robust design for the long term



  • Dimensions: 325 x 540 x 735 mm
  • Speed: 360rpm
  • Weight: 32kg


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