From the Creators of the First Microwave

With a lineage that goes back to the first microwave oven invented in 1947, Menumaster is still developing amazing new cooking technologies today. From built-in computers that automatically calculate cooking heat and duration, easy preset sharing that makes scaling up businesses as easy as plugging in a USB, easy one button-push operation, special catalytic converters that enable fast, energy-efficient and safe ventless cooking possible, and multiple configurations for more cooking options, it’s easy to see why Menumaster tops the list for the best microwaves in the industry.

1-Year Warranty

In addition to high quality, all Menumaster products are covered by a 1-year warranty for absolute peace of mind.

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Featuring unique microwave energy distribution for superior even heating throughout the entire cavity.

Similar to the DEC14E2U, the DEC18MU has been adapted to markets in Asia and Oceania with a 1400 to 2000 Watts power rating and available in standard and central heat distribution models.

Preprogrammed with five power levels to easily and consistently turn delicious meals straight from frozen foods in minutes.

A smart high-speed oven that cooks faster and more evenly for perfectly cooked meals every time while offering more costs savings.