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Classic (White)

Make creamy and smooth plant-based milk
BPA free plastic mortar and lid



Plastic mortar and lid 


Use it with a blender

Use the Vegan Milker with a hand blender or blender like Vitamix Vita Prep 3. Do note that the Vegan Milker does not come with a hand blender or blender.

High grade material

Made in Spain (Europe) with high quality and durable materials. It consists of 4 pieces that can be stacked together for better storage.

  • Container with marked measurements (0.8 & 0.5L)
  • Filter: stainless steel
  • Mortar: BPA free plastic
  • Lid: BPA free plastic

Vegan friendly

The Vegan Milker allows you to create a wide variety of vegan friendly recipes that are dairy free, lactose free and gluten free with plant-based milk such as almond milk, oat milk, etc. It is a great alternative for vegan, vegetarian and intolerant diets.


Weight 670g
Size cm l.12 x w.12 x h.27
Suitable for dishwasher -70ºC and refrigerator
Material PP, NAS and stainless steel (BPA free)