A great kitchen specialty tool to bond with your children

Make nutritious plant-based milk


<font size="7">High grade material</font>

High grade material

Made in Spain (Europe) with high quality and durable materials. It consists of 4 pieces that can be stacked together for better storage.

  1. Container with marked measurements (0.8 & 0.5L)
  2. Filter: stainless steel
  3. Mortar: Pine wood
  4. Lid: BPA free plastic

<font size="7">Use it with a blender</font>

Use it with a blender

Use the Vegan Milker with a hand blender or blender like Vitamix Vita Prep 3. Do note that the Vegan Milker does not come with a hand blender or blender.

<font size="7">Suited for intolerant diets</font>

Suited for intolerant diets

The Vegan Milker allows you to create a wide variety of vegan friendly recipes that are dairy free, lactose free and gluten free with plant-based milk such as almond milk, oat milk, etc. It is a great alternative for vegan, vegetarian and intolerant diets.

European standard with a peace of mind

Maintenance of the wooden mortar

Before using for the first time and to increase their natural resistance to moisture they must be treated with oil approved for contact with food, for instance vegetable oil. Oil once, wipe off any surplus oil and then repeat the treatment 24 hours later.

– Clean the mortar immediately after use and leave it to dry in the drainer.

– Under no circumstances should it be left to soak in the sink or exposed to the sun.

– For better preservation of the wood give a superficial coat of olive or sunflower oil from time to time.


Weight: 670g
Size: cm l.12xw.12xh.27

Suitable for: dishwasher -70ºC and refrigerator
Material: Pine Wood, PP, NAS and stainless steel (BPA free)