The best commercial cold press juicer – unique and revolutionary design

Easy-to-use & Easy-to-clean


<font size="7">Efficiency</font


Thanks to its shredder discs and brushless motor, the Zumex Mastery leads the way with its crushing efficiency and power.

<font size="7">Easy loading</font>

Easy loading

It speeds up and makes loading easier, providing a greater and effortless push.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

It has a safety stop system during crushing, when the feeder input is released.

<font size="7">Juice Collection System</font>

Juice Collection System

It has a stainless steel tray and a 3 gallon tank. The tank includes a filter to eliminate possible undesirable particles that might get into the juice and to avoid excessive contact with the air.

<font size="7">Centralised Control Panel</font>

Centralised Control Panel

Real time control of all parameters from the operation area, crushing and pressing speed, pressing times and cycles through the control panel with 4.3” full-colour touch screen.

<font size="7">Choice of working mode</font>

Choice of working mode

Configure your mode of use by customising the times and pressing speed and number of cycles.

We care and we commit for these reasons


Original System

Original System

Original System is a guarantee of quality, flavour and hygiene, as there is no contact between juice and the peel. This prevents the essential oils and acids being transferred to the juice, thus achieving a high quality juice with all its flavour.

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

ASP (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) is a silver ion-based technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, guaranteeing extra-efficient and long-lasting protection.

5 Years Warranty

5 Years Warranty

Equipment that guarantees maximum reliability and direct contact with the manufacturer by registering your product online at the most convenient way.


Most advanced commercial cold press juicer


Dimensions: 940mm x 735mm x 1700mm
Production: up to 30gal/h | 110l/h
Motor: Brushless
Capacity Juice container: 3 gallon tank
Touch display: 4.3″ colour
Made of stainless steel: AISI-304


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