Soul Series 2

Small and elegant

A new concept of premium automatic juicer, with elegant and avant-garde design, and a new patented Conical System®

Easy-to-use & Easy-to-clean


<font size="7">Push & Juice</font>

Push & Juice

The juicer Soul presents a new concept: Push & Juice. Fresh juice, in a matter of seconds and at the touch of a button.
The simplest way to make pure juice in just 15 seconds.

<font size="7">The Perfect Juice</font>

The Perfect Juice

Making a juice becomes a breeze with Soul 2 thanks to its technical characteristics.
Delicately treating the fruit, so that each juice has the best flavour and quality, free from essential oils.

<font size="7">Conical System</font>

Conical System

With the new tapered shape of its pressing units, the fruit enters the juice extraction system smoothly and perfectly centred.

  • Clean and accurate cut
  • Maximum juice
  • Maximum flavour

<font size="7">360 degree Design</font>

360 degree Design

A revolutionary juicer machine, small, compact and easy to use. Designed for the discerning business user, where design and style meet functionality and efficiency.
Its spectacular design with sporty and elegant lines does not go unnoticed.

We care and we commit for these reasons


Original System

Original System

Original System is a guarantee of quality, flavour and hygiene, as there is no contact between juice and the peel. This prevents the essential oils and acids being transferred to the juice, thus achieving a high quality juice with all its flavour.

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

ASP (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) is a silver ion-based technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, guaranteeing extra-efficient and long-lasting protection.

5 Years Warranty

5 Years Warranty

Equipment that guarantees maximum reliability and direct contact with the manufacturer by registering your product online at the most convenient way.


Compact, smart, attractive and perfectly created to make delicious fresh juice



  • Dimensions: 300 x 480 x 537 mm
  • Larger diameter: to 81 mm
  • Fruits per minute: 18 fruits
  • Feeder capacity: 3-6 oranges
  • Weight: 32 kg – 71 lb
  • Sound pressure level: less than 60 dB


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