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The Speed Up range sees the arrival of the next generation of juicers, delivering even greater efficiency and safety to both the Retail and Food Service sectors.

Perfect industrial juicer for high juice demand


<font size="7">The best Self-Service for catering</font>

The best Self-Service for catering

The Zumex Speed Up juicer adapts perfectly to your self-service area, providing your rest area, hotel or cafeteria with a fresh and delicious product.

<font size="7">Ready for action</font>

Ready for action

Discover the technical characteristics of Speed Pro Self-Service, such as its new feeder:

    Increase in loading capacity up to 20kg
    Front door making loading process easier
    Better orange rotation
    A broader feeder tube up to 85 mm

<font size="7">Drip Tray</font>

Drip Tray

Liquid drainage that falls directly into the waste basket.

<font size="7">Display digital Intelligent Touch</font>

Display digital Intelligent Touch

All Zumex Speed Up juicer models include Intelligent Touch, a standard electronic device that will make life easier for you. You will be able to choose: the squeezing mode, either automatic or professional; the language, the number of oranges to be squeezed, and control the consumption.

<font size="7">Up Tap</font>

Up Tap

With bottle support available in three sizes (34.4mm, 36mm, 38mm). Easy to dissemble and clean.

<font size="7">Automatic PulpOut System</font>

Automatic PulpOut System

Hygiene at all times with its automatic pulp conveyor belt and its autoclean function.



Original System

Original System

Original System is a guarantee of quality, flavour and hygiene, as there is no contact between juice and the peel. This prevents the essential oils and acids being transferred to the juice, thus achieving a high quality juice with all its flavour.

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

Antibacterial Silver Polymer

ASP (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) is a silver ion-based technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, guaranteeing extra-efficient and long-lasting protection.

5 Years Warranty

5 Years Warranty

Equipment that guarantees maximum reliability and direct contact with the manufacturer by registering your product online at the most convenient way.


revolutionises the Self Service world


  • Dimensions: 593 x 624 x 1050 mm
  • Larger diameter: to 85 mm
  • Fruits per minute: 40 fruits
  • Feeder capacity: 20kg
  • Weight: 78 kg – 169.2 lb


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