Elmeco is among the industry’s most established manufacturers of all-purpose frozen beverage dispensers – with a product line that will even make Mr Freeze proud. From sorbets, slush, italian granita, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen cocktails/yoghurt, sangria, soft drinks and more, Elmeco was a first mover for many of these products throughout its 60-year history. At the core of Elmeco’s success is its Total Cold System which starts freezing beverages from the bottom to ensure consistent temperature and icey texture throughout each fill.

Since 1961

ELMECO Ltd., was founded in 1961 by the inspired vision of Salvatore Cortese, founder and creator of the first Granita-maker machine in the World.

The range of solutions offered include Soft Drinks, Cold Cream,  Cocktails Base products and many more. 

Elmeco has since established an international presence in many countries such as America, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia. 

A multi-function cold beverage dispenser that comes with a customisable LED backlight panel.
A multibusiness cold & frozen beverage dispenser that disassembles quickly for easy cleaning.
An easy-to-use multibusiness cold & frozen beverage dispenser with great flexibility in a compact package.
A specialised dispenser for semi-frozen and frozen ice-cream, frozen yoghurt, frappes and smoothies.
This new, compact and easy-to-clean frozen beverage dispenser features large storage capacity and incredible efficiency.
The B-Large Plus features several improvements over the B-Large frozen beverage dispenser, including LED lights that light up the delicious contents in its tanks.