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<font size="7">Best Hygiene</font>

Best Hygiene

The VCB-62 is manufactured solely from hygiene certified material. The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and has no unnecessary recesses where food might get stuck.

<font size="7">Reliability</font>


The VCB-62's powerful motor has a high torque during start-up and when in service, and powers the direct-driven cutter. No belts or intermediate connection. This makes the VCB-62 a reliable machine.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

The VCB-62 has three individual safety switches. You can only start the machine if the bowl, lid and safety arm have been correctly fitted.

<font size="7">Best material</font>

Best material

The machine base is manufactured of robust metal. The bowl is stainless steel. The lid and scrapers are strong Tritan. The knife attachment is of high-quality aluminium and the knives are stainless steel.

Versatility at its finest



  • Dimensions: 420 x 310 x 480 mm
  • 2 Speeds: 1500, 3000 rpm
  • Weight: 25kg


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