2 in 1 machine which achieves maximum flexibility

Vegetable preparation attachment for cutting vegetables and cutter/bowl attachment for food processing.

Trusted brand of 80 years of history


<font size="7">Vegetable Preparation Attachment</font>

Vegetable Preparation Attachment

Precise and clean cuts achieved with stainless steel cutting tools. Comes with a built-in tube feeder. Powers at 2 different speeds.

<font size="7">Cutter/Bowl Attachment</font>

Cutter/Bowl Attachment

2 Speeds and pulse function. Patented Scrapper system for fast and even result. Serrated knife blades for long-lasting sharpness.

<font size="7">Multi-functional</font>


By using the vegetable preparation attachment, the CC-34 can dice, slice, grate, shred, cut julienne and crimping slices.
Additionally, by switching to the bowl attachment with patented scraper system, it chops, grinds, mixes, purées, blends and minces meat.

<font size="7">Automatic speed selector</font>

Automatic speed selector

CC-34 automatically detects which top is attached and sets the speed to be used. It has 4 different speeds to choose from; 500 and 800 rpm for the vegetable preparation attachment, and 1450, and 2650 rpm for the vertical cutter.

<font size="7">High grade material</font>

High grade material

The base of the CC-34 is constructed out of robust metal. The feeder is strong polycarbonate and the bowl is stainless steel. The knife blades are manufactured with top quality stainless knife steel, allowing for the best experience only.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

The double safety feature ensures that if the feed cylinder is removed, the power is cut. This ensures that there is no risk of the machine starting with an unprotected knife.

Engineered with outstanding grade materials


  • Dimensions: 350 x 285 x 440 mm
  • 4 Speeds: 500/800rpm and 1450/2650rpm
  • Pulse function
  • Weight: 8,6kg


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