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FryLow Benefits

Guaranteed Oil Cost Reduction

Frylow makes fried food healthier and tastier with fewer calories,
while it reduces the cost of operating a deep fryer by 60% and reduces environmental waste.

Longer oil usage

Through Frylow’s revolutionary technology the oxidization process is reduced and therefore dramatically increases the life span of cooking oils.
Recent tests have proven the Frylow can extend the frying oil life by up to 400%.

roi calculation

Fryer oil costs are always higher than you think. Restaurants utilizing the Frylow device will cut their oil usage in half. The result is the customer experience ROI within 6-7 month at minimal half the cost of the fryer oil.

Fryer Oil Costs Cut in Half

The table below emphasises typical fryer oil cost for restaurants that change the fryer oil 1 time per week after using Frylow.

Restaurants utilising the Frylow fryer oil saving device will cut their oil usage in half. The result is a minimal half the cost in fryer oil.

Many Frylow customer experience a ROI in the 6-7 Month range with double+ fryer oil annual savings. Frylow has a 5 year warranty.

Calculations are made assuming a fryer oil cost of $25/box, using a 50 LB fryer, utilising 1.5 boxes (35LB) of oil to fill a fryer.

Calculations based on 4.33 weeks per month.