Fast processing to ideal consistency and texture

Processes all consistencies – dry or liquid. One speed and pulse function. Easy to use and clean.


Trusted brand of 80 years of history

<font size="7">Variety of preparation methods</font>

Variety of preparation methods

Chops and grinds meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts, etc. Blends and mixes sauces, soups, dressings and desserts, etc.

<font size="7">Minimal heat release</font>

Minimal heat release

Patented scraper system has four arms. Its patented function ensures that rotation of the ingredients n the bowl is stopped and they are moved back towards the knives. This reduces heat released in the bowl.

<font size="7">Even consistency in texture</font>

Even consistency in texture

Unique knife unit has 4 knives – 2 large knives for cutting the ingredients and 2 small knives for pushing the ingredients down onto the cutting knives and turn them. As a result, there is more consistent and even results.

<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

The VCB-61 has three individual safety features. The machine only starts operating if the bowl, lid and safety arm have been correctly fitted. In addition, the VCB-61 has a mechanical motor brake which allows the knife to stop rotating immediately when the machine is switched off. In the event of electrical faults or power failures, the mechanical motor brake function still works.

Chop, mix, grind, blend and mince



  • Dimensions: 420 x 310 x 480 mm
  • Speed: 1,500rpm
  • Weight: 25kg


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