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<font size="7">CleanAir™️ pack</font>

CleanAir™️ pack

CleanAir™️ accessory is patented technology that releases chlorine dioxide on a controlled basis to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that form slime and cause odours in the food zone ice machine.

<font size="7">Easy access</font>

Easy access

Easy access to parts of water system. Water shield, distribution tube, pump, floats and trough are removable by hand.

<font size="7">Reusable Air filter</font>

Reusable Air filter

Easy to clean, reusable air filter protects condenser from lint, grease and dust.

<font size="7">Easy Identification</font>

Easy Identification

White plastics in the food zone help identify areas that needs cleaning.

As cool as ice


Size: 76.20cm (W) X 85.80cm (D) x 151.14 cm (H)


Manitowoc M Series 500 Ice Cube Machines Catalogue