Super Support

Even the best equipment will underperform if left unmaintained and in poor condition. To help keep equipment in tip-top shape, Mii FoodService offers 24/7 technical support to resolve ad hoc issues quickly as well as routine preventive maintenance to keep equipment operating at peak efficiency to ensure greater food safety while reducing operating costs.

Most equipment problems start small but blow out of proportion because they were left to progress into a bigger issue. Carrying out routine preventive maintenance not only maximises the lifespan of equipment but also helps avoid expensive repairs and costly operational downtime. Keeping equipment properly maintained also reduces the risk of dangerous malfunctions that can lead to injuries.

Why Preventive Maintenance?

Optimal Lifespan

Good preventive maintenance should prevent equipment from failing unexpectedly. Failing parts reduce the lifespan of your equipment, resulting in expensive repair or replacement costs.

Reduced Costs

Running a piece of equipment due to failure can costs much more than adopting preventive maintenance. Failed equipment causes unexpected downtime and repair costs incurred. Thus, by performing periodic preventive maintenance, costs can be kept to a minimum as unnecessary downtime and repair costs would be avoided.

Improved Safety

Maintaining equipment in proper functioning conditions, prevents potentially dangerous failure which mitigates against injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: The scope of support are as follows: queries on our products and services, recommendations on how to use our products and technical issues.

A: Give us a call @ (65) 6745-0543 or contact us

A: The overall time it takes for us to resolve your issues depends on the complexity of the issues. We will work closely with you to fix the issues as soon as possible.

A: This depends on the frequency of usage of the machine and type of machine. Please contact our dedicated team and we will provide you with the best action plan.

Always here for you

Leasing Programme

Our leasing programme is a great alternative payment for your new source of revenue by offering fresh orange juice.

Contain your budget and get the most efficient juice for your business. Ideal for managing cash flow, the leasing programme allows you to pay for equipment in low, budgeted payments. At the end of the term, equipment is purchased for a nominal amount.

Keep the juice flowing. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep your machine in perfectly profitable order. You’ll get complete reassurance. If it goes wrong, we fix it. When you need training, we’re there for you.

You will get the same exact same equipment as someone who purchased it outright. All of our equipment is brand new and is competitively priced. As an authorised dealer we represent the top brands. All of our equipment comes with standard manufacturer’s warranties.

Rental Programme

Serve fresh orange juice for your events.

How it works?

For special or ad-hoc events where purchasing is not necessary, we provide rental services for a full range of equipment.

We provide rental services for your events at affordable and, most importantly, reasonable rates.

We supply the machine
We supply the oranges (optional)
We provide the cleaning and maintenance

You simply operating it with ease of usage, fresh, fast, convenient and, most of all, you make money.

Our orange juicer machine rental prices start from S$280 per day. Whether you are interested in rental, leasing or direct purchase, let us discuss what is best for you.