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<font size="7">Work securely</font>

Work securely

The VCM-41 has three individual safety switches. You can only start the machine if the bowl, lid and safety arm have been correctly fitted.

<font size="7">Powerful knife unit</font>

Powerful knife unit

The VCM-41 has a generously sized knife unit of acetal with two large knives that effectively cut through the ingredients. The removable knives are serrated in order to maintain their sharpness longer.

<font size="7">Ergonomic</font>


The machine is controlled using one knob instead of a few buttons. The knob is at a convenient height to ensure an ergonomic working posture.

<font size="7">Patented scraper</font>

Patented scraper

The VCM-41 has a patented scraper system designed to prevent food from getting stuck on the inside and the lid of the bowl, where the knives are unable to reach.

Marvellous mincing



  • Dimensions: 340 x 260 x 440 mm
  • Speed: 1500rpm
  • Weight: 16.6kg


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