Our Leasing Program

Our leasing program is a great alternative payment for your new source of revenue by offering fresh orange juice.

What are the benefits?
You will get the same exact same equipment as someone who purchased it outright. All of our equipment is brand new and is competitively priced. As an authorised dealer we represent the top brands. All of our equipment comes with standard manufacturer’s warranties.

Contain your budget and get the most efficient juice for your business. Ideal for managing cash flow, the leasing program allows you to pay for equipment in low, budgeted payments. At the end of the term, equipment is purchased for a nominal amount.

Keep the juice flowing. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep your machine in perfectly profitable order. You’ll get complete reassurance. If it goes wrong, we fix it. When you need training, we’re there for you.

Huge Win For You

Same Great Pricing + Same Quality Equipment + Same Warranty + More Affordable Monthly Payments = Huge Win For You!

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