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CREATR. CAFE's Chef Secret to optimised kitchen workflow

In this 5 episode web series, we witness the transformation of productivity levels at Creatr. café. Traditionally, the kitchen staff would manually slice, dice and shred their ingredients during food preparation. This process was often time consuming and labour intensive.

Fortunately, with the Hallde RG-100 food preparation machine, the kitchen staff no longer need to prepare mise en place the slow way. Efficiency levels have increased with the usage of the Hallde RG-100.

Additionally, there was the challenge of blending Rempah into a very fine paste texture. Previously, the staff at Creatr. were using a normal blender to blend their Rempah paste but the texture was too coarse. Currently, they use the Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 blender, which easily blends Rempah ingredients into a very fine and smooth texture. The end result is finely blended Rempah, which goes easy on the palate.

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